Born Bred Marketers is a 100% black-owned Marketing Agency. It was established in 2017. The company consists of management team which are female and male. Our team hail from different marketing companies with vast experience on the below the line marketing.

BBM have been in the FMCG Marketing and Activations industry for more than 10 years. From the dusty streets of Kasi, this team have gained wisdom in tackling and resolving consumer and brands frustrations
Our focus is on service excellence and growth whilst maintaining quality and client’s satisfaction. Our strength lies:

  The experience we have gained in past years working in the industry

   Spending our days and time in the Townships and “Outer-lying areas”

  Our nimbleness allowing us to be pro-active and also coming up with problem solving strategies that have been tested before

   Speaking the same “lingo” with the below the line market, Creating a memorable brand connection with our people

   … Cherry on Top: Our teams track record from previous companies speak for its self

We create a 360 degree

campaign to penetrate the township market


  • Our footprint is National.
  • Our long-standing relationships with suppliers allows us to negotiate preferential rates, which we can then pass on to the client to fit within budget parameters.
  • BBM team has a deep understanding of the dynamics between consumer, shopper and brand.
  • We carry a deep understanding around trade & marketing and the integration between these two.


  •  Independent Wholesalers
  •  Independent Retail Distributors
  •  SpazaShop/ Tuck Shop
  •  Malls
  •  Hawkers
  •  Shisanyamas
  •  Local Taxi Ranks
  •  Long Distance Taxi Ranks
  •  Shebeens/ Taverns
  •  Stadiums
  •  Schools
  • Township Events
  • Hair Salons
  • Hostels
  • Church

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